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Salvo pela cópia / Saved by the copy

Colecionar geralmente tem a ver com objetos raros ou únicos. De selos a obras de arte, o ato de colecionar ocorre em uma economia baseada na escassez. Mas a escassez raramente é uma questão no âmbito digital, no qual um arquivo pode ser copiado ad libitum sem perder a qualidade. Esse também é um dos motivos pelos quais é tão difícil convencer colecionadores públicos e privados a colecionar obras de arte digitais.

Se olharmos por outro ponto de vista, porém, poderemos perceber que copiar e compartilhar têm um potencial extraordinário. Arquivar não é mais apenas um ato ligado ao poder, instituições e autoridade: torna-se um fenômeno social. Esta palestra vai girar em torno de coleções de artistas de peças digitais, e sobre alguns casos de escassez artificialmente produzida e suas consequências.


Collecting usually has to do with rare or unique objects. From stamps to works of art, the act of collecting occurs in an economy based on scarcity. But the shortage is rarely an issue in the digital realm, in which a file can be copied ad libitum without losing quality. This is also one of the reasons why it is so difficult to convince public and private collectors to collect digital artwork.

If we look from another point of view, however, we realize that copying and sharing have an extraordinary potential. Archive is no longer just an act connected to power and authority institutions: it is a social phenomenon. This talk will revolve around collections of pieces of digital artists, and on some cases of artificially produced shortages and their consequences.

Domenico Quaranta

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”http://www.slideshare.net/futuros_possiveis/domenico-quaranta-salvo-pela-cpia-saved-by-the-copy&#8221; title=”Domenico Quaranta – Salvo pela cópia / Saved by the copy ” target=”_blank”>Domenico Quaranta – Salvo pela cópia / Saved by the copy </a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”http://www.slideshare.net/futuros_possiveis&#8221; target=”_blank”>Simposio Internacional Futuros Possíveis | International Symposium Possible Futures</a></strong> </div>


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Domenico Quaranta

Domenico Quaranta (1978, Brescia, Italy) is a contemporary art critic and curator. He focused his research on the impact of the current techno-social developments on the arts, with a specific focus on art in networked spaces. As an art critic, he is a regular contributor to Flash Art and Artpulse magazine; his essays, reviews and interviews appeared in many magazines, newspapers and web portals, such as: Magazine électronique du CIAC (CA), Rhizome (US), A Minima (SP), Vague Terrain, HZ Journal, MESH (AU), RCCS (Resource Center For Cyberculture Studies, US), Maska (SLO), La Tempestad (ME), ArteContexto (SP), Around Photography (IT), FMR Bianca (IT), Digimag (IT), Exibart (IT), Noemalab (IT), Arte e critica (IT), Drome (IT), Cluster (IT), L’Unità (IT) and many others. His first book titled, NET ART 1994-1998: La vicenda di Äda’web was published in 2004; he is also the author of Media, New Media, Postmedia (Postmediabooks, Milan 2010) and In My Computer (LINK Editions 2011). He co-edited, together with Matteo Bittanti, the book GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames (Milan, October 2006) and contributed to a number of books and publications.

He curated and co-curated a number of exhibitions, including: Connessioni Leggendarie. Net.art 1995-2005 (Milan 2005); GameScenes (Turin 2005); Radical Software (Turin 2006); Holy Fire. Art of the Digital Age (iMAL, Bruxelles 2008); For God’s Sake! (Nova Gorica, 2008); RE:akt! | Reconstruction, Re-enactment, Re-reporting (MNAC, Bucharest – Skuc, Ljubljana; MMSU, Rijeka 2009); Hyperlucid (Prague Biennial, Prague 2009); Once Upon a Time in the West (Nova Gorica, 2009); Playlist (LABoral, Gijon 2009 – 2010 and iMAL, Bruxelles 2010); Italians Do It Better!! (Venice Biennale Collateral Events, 2011) and Collect the WWWorld. The Artist as Archivist in the Internet Age (Brescia, Spazio Contemporanea 2011; Basel, House of Electronic Arts 2012). In 2009 and 2010, he curated the Expanded Box section at the ARCO Art Fair in Madrid, where he also organized and moderated two panel discussions. He lectures internationally and teaches “Net Art” at the Accademia di Brera in Milan.

More info: http://domenicoquaranta.com